Nov 2, 2012

MegaMan 2, What's with the pistol??!!

It's been an interesting week, work levels even, and the teaching gig finds me enjoying the ride. My students are first rate graduate students, with a lot to offer. Actually, I'm very pleasantly surprised at the quality level of work I'm seeing from them.

I'm continuing to do the work of remastering the high res repros of the transparencies I took when I completed these game packages during the retro era when we still actually painted the art! I do so wish I still had the art itself, but in most instances it when into the art bins at Mediagenic, Atari, Capcom et al. (In my mind I always have an image of that last great shot in Raiders of the Lost Ark of an endless musty government warehouse stretching off into the darkness). So much of the art was thrown away whenever a company would contract, or close down, or go bankrupt.
Heart breaker.

On a more positive note, I heard from Christian Deitering, the videographer who worked with the Expo folks in Portland, and also caught me on tape at the show, and who maneuvered me into admitting that I HAD DONE THE ART for Capcom's MEGAMAN 2!!

Now, I've always been reluctant to admit this because, frankly...  y'know the PISTOL? ....Well,  ...I'll let you check out the clip for the reason why:   



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