Jan 29, 2013

Who Don't Love RETRO?! and Check Six, Ultimate Soldier fans!

Let's face facts:    Today's world cultural history is constantly moving in ever tightening coils, and will soon reach a point where  tomorrow's unknown hip thing will already be bitten the ass by simultaneously being what's suddenly retro and hip, right? At that point we will be at the event horizon. Time will seem to stop unrolling, and we'll be left in time space vacuum confronted with a closed loop respooling of the wrap of '2001 Space Odyssey'.  ...what WAS that!!??

UNTIL THEN, let's all go to a site called Retrothing.com and have a blast!    

If you're like me, you enjoy most all Things Retro, and that's exactly what James Graham and Bohus Blahut ( BOH-hoosh BLAH-hoot, he actually uses that on the site!) have put together. If it's retro, and it's a thing, and they know about it, they have it listed and shown in loving detail. they especially love technology, and network with fans to provide links to technologia obscura like James own scratch built computer. Another favorite of mine, a hand held game unit designed by Hippotam studios in Warsaw in the 80's called Pica Pic.


WELCOME  collectors of 21st CENTURY TOYS

Click To Enlarge!

Here's a WELCOME to visitors from my kind mention on the Ultimate Soldier website by Green Leader relative to the packaging illustrations I did for the Ultimate Soldier action figure line for 21st Century Toys in the late 1990's. I did a large number of illustrations for defense contractors, toymakers, and video game companies. I'm pleased you dropped by, and welcome to the site. I will be adding reference materials here for the action games I illustrated for video game companies such as the WWII series V for Victory line for Threesixty Pacific, and a separate gallery for eighteen Ultimate Soldier packages for which I painted covers, within the month.

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