Oct 1, 2012

A Fine Time in Portland!

Portland Retrogame Expo was a complete blast!


It was so much fun connecting with PRGE and the fans of early gaming. I can't say enough about the warm welcome they extended to me as one of the first artists into the arena back in '82 with the call I got from Broderbund, and began the 20 year association I was privileged to be party to with the gamers themselves. I had some reservations about how I would be received, and was overwhelmed with the response from so many of you to the prints of the early work I was offering, and more importantly, the enthusiasm you showed to me personally. I can't say strongly enough what it meant to me to to have explained to me the impact my package art had on so many of you as youngsters, a theme I was pleased to have repeated by many attendees!

I want to express my gratitude to all of you at the show, and particularly to Rick Weis, for letting me sneak in late with my insta booth, and to Christian Deitering, of 54& O Productions, the videographer from Atari Age (atariage.com), who engaged me in an in depth interview, and was one of those who made me feel most welcome.

The show itself, held in the Portland Convention Center, in Hall C, a 55,000 square foot arena was packed with retro game vendors and devotees, a rockin' Arcade area, diverse booths offering the avid retrogamer plenty to examine and purchase,  a lot of varied programs of interest, and there was a steady beat of live music.

The city of Portland was welcoming as well, a diverse and vibrant city with a touch of Bohemia, and a first class facility in its Portland Convention Center.

I will definitely return. Thanks Portland and PRGE!

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