Oct 4, 2012


Spending 4 days here at Cave Springs Resort in Dunsmuir, California, is exactly what I needed to assess the great time I had at the Portland Retro game Expo. Two evenings on the Upper Sacramento River alone with my flyrod and some willing Trout (strictly Catch and Release!) is just what the doctor ordered.

I'm contemplating the list of games to put into the roundhouse for remastering as new prints to offer, based on your input during the Expo, and this is what I've come up with:

Number 1: Sega Genesis'    Herzog Zwei.
Number 2: Capcom's           Mega Man 2 (with explanations for the pistol!)
Number 3: Data East's         Bad Dudes
Number 4: Data East's         Heavy Barrel.

Let me know what games from my credits list you'd like to see offered. you can comment by clicking on any blog title to respond.

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